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You have just found a special place on the Internet – a place where retro and indie games are held in the highest regard. We love them so much, in fact, that it’s pretty much all we ever talk about!

Many other gaming news sites strive to cover the what’s new in the gaming industry, and that’s all well and good, but we’re a bit different from everyone else. This site’s main purpose is a place of enjoyment for the staff. We love to write and talk about our favorite video games and game companies, so we pretty much only cover stuff that directly interests us. Yes, we know and understand that’s a bit backwards from most other news outlets, but we hope by sharing our love of certain video games that we’ll attract like-minded gamers here and create one of the best gaming communities out there.

So if you love retro or indie games, we invite you to become a member of our humble, little website and get in on the fun.

Chris Powell, Bit Loaders editor

Title: Bit Loaders Editor
Twitter: @AirForceWriter
XBLA & PSN: AirForceWriter
Gaming preference: Chris is currently on a Turbo Grafx-16 kick and it’s his life’s goal to collect every North American released game on the system.
Bio: Chris has been an Air Force print journalist for about 12 years. Currently, he’s the managing editor of Airman magazine, the Air Force’s official magazine. If you’re interested in the Air Force or Chris, for that matter, you can read more about it here. He has also blogged for Joystiq for a number of years in addition to being the former editor of SegaNerds.com.


Graham Cookson, European editor

Title: European editor
Twitter: @GrahamCookson
XBLA: Heavenly GForce
OnLive: HeavenlyGforceUK
Wii Friend Code:  Do people even play online on the Wii?
Gaming preference: Graham is mostly a console gamer at heart. But will happily dabble with PC titles. Mostly found on his Xbox 360 or OnLive.
Bio: Has had many, many random jobs. But is currently Assistant Editor at Unity Media on the company’s Business to Business magazines.
Was the co-creator of DreamcastersRealm and SEGANerds with Chris – both sites now pretty much defunct, though both sites still hanging around the Internet ether in some form or another. Currently a co-host on the OnLiveFans Cast with Chris, Ryan and Sean.

Ryan Goddard, Features editor

Title: Features editor
Twitter: @Niko408
XBLA: Stevedave408
OnLive: Niko408
PSN: Niko408
Wii Friend Code: Fuck the Wii. My 3DS friends code:
Gaming preference: I play it all. ALL of it. However, I won’t touch Call of Duty or Battlefield 3 (even though I own it). That crap is weak. Catch me on PSN mostly. Add me up. Let’s get our game on. It’s business…. It’s business time.
Bio: They call me the Hiphopopotamus. Hockey player, Gamer, All around resident bad ass. They call me the Mad Ranter! I also cohost the OnLiveFans Cast and am also an admin on OnLiveFans.com. Check them out for your OnLive needs.

Sean Willis, Podcast editor

Title: Podcast editor
Twitter: @shadow1w2
XBLA: shadow1w2
OnLive: shadow1w2
3DS Friend Code: 4038-6166-7957
Gaming preference: Retro Arcade, Indie, Racing, Crazy weird stuff, Japanese Only, Giant Robots, Fast Paced RPGs, fighting games, shoot em ups (space ships not Shooter as in FPS as they call it now, bah)
Bio: I’m a person who does some stuff, yep. Been Playing games since Atari 2600 and NES days 286 days :3, Co-host on Onlive Fans cast, long time gamer, little bit of a game maker/designer/programer/idearererer…. just a little.

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