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Published on January 3rd, 2013 | by Chris Powell


A new site direction

Last year, was an up and down year for us at Bit Loaders. It was our goal to carve out a niche for ourselves in the vast sea of video game websites with the idea that we’d exclusively cover digital gaming. Unfortunately, I don’t think we quite achieved the level of success we were hoping for, but more importantly, I discovered that we just weren’t having the amount of fun writing about the games that I felt we should.

I found that when the rest of the staff and I would talk about the games we loved to play and what we were excited about, more often than not, retro and indie games kept being discussed. Sure, we appreciate the new stuff and all, but what we’re really passionate about are the games from our youth and the incredibly creative and innovative games indie developers are creating every day.

I still think digital gaming is a huge part of our industry and will continue to keep growing, but it will no longer be our core focus here. I want to let you know that Bit Loaders’ new focus will be on retro and indie games. This is the stuff that we love most about the game industry, and I think that passion will shine through in our writing.

We don’t care how many page views we get or how many advertisers we have on the site. Our main priority is to have fun and entertain you. If we’re not having fun, then it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be very entertaining.

Starting today and continuing onward, you’ll start to see changes around the site, and we have a lot of exciting things planned. We hope that 2013 will be a year in which we can grow our community and meet a ton of new and excited gamers who are as passionate as we are about retro and indie games!

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