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Published on December 17th, 2012 | by Niko


Happy 25th Birthday Mega Man! Street Fighter x Mega Man Review

Happy 25th Birthday Mega Man! Street Fighter x Mega Man Review Niko

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Summary: Mega Man is back in this cross over battle. No, it isn't another fighter mashup. This time it is on Mega Man's turn. Between the Blue Bomber and a selection of Street Fighter characters, does this game hold up to the fan's hope? The answer to that is yet. With a few minor hiccups, this game is great fun and should be enjoyed by all.



mega-man-25th-anniversaryDecember 17th 1987 was a day that would go down in history as the day Dr. Thomas Light’s creation came to life. Through the years Mega Man has foiled the plans of  the evil Dr Wily numerous times. Apparently Wily just wouldn’t learn his lesson. Later on Mega Man would go on to battle a new enemy. That enemies name was Sigma. Mega Man was also a bit of a fighter it seems and has been matched up with the likes of Guile, Chun Li, and of course Ken and Ryu. Seems he has shown up anywhere and everywhere he can thanks to Capcom.


Some of us might even remember a few cartoons the Blue Bomber has appeared in. He appeared in Captain N – The Game Master back in the 80’s. Members of his team included Captain N, Simon Belmont, Pit from Kid Icarus, and Gameboy. Their ultimate quest in the show was to stop Mother Brain, King Hippo, Dr Wily, and Eggplant Wizard in their plot to take over Videoland. Eventually the show was cancelled. Later on, Mega Man got his own cartoon as well. It followed the familiar game formula and he was out to stop Dr. Wily. It showcased most of the enemies from the games up to that point as well as a couple new ones.

So here we sit 25 years later. In recent years, Capcom made the Mega Man universe proud by releasing Mega Man 9 and 10. Both games were a thrown back to the original 8-bit days. They included new enemies and levels. The difficulty was there was well. Some of the newer franchise fans were put off by the difficulty while the rest saw it as a breath of fresh air. I’m definitely included in that group. You die, you start again. No questions asked. Make sure to remember those passwords. They will save you later on from having to do it all again.

For the 25th birthday of our hero, Capcom crossed two world again. This isn’t only Mega Man’s 25th Birthday but Street Fighter’s as well. With that, we have been given Street Fighter x Mega Man. A game that Capcom says is made for the fans of the Mega Man franchise. There has been some controversy about Mega Man in the recent past with the creator leaving Capcom and the franchise almost being canned. There was no word on what was next until a couple weeks ago with the announcement and trailer for SFxMM.

Let me be the first to say I am incredibly excited to have a new Mega Man game. The franchise has made up a good chunk of my gaming history. When they said they would be crossing it with Street Fighter I was even more intrigued. Especially since they said that this particular crossover was canned and never going to happen. Once I downloaded the game, I booted it up instantly and sped to the enemy select screen. I was a bit disappointed once I got there. I couldn’t really get into the enemies that they chose. Your enemies are shown below.


I was hoping for the original 8 originally. Ken, Guile, E. Honda, and Zangief would have been been awesome to have. I mean could you imagine Guile pulling off his Flash Kick or Ken with his flaming Shoryuken? I will say however, that once I began playing the game I quickly got over my disappointment and saw how well they actually did with each character. I will go out on a limb and say I really didn’t like Urien though. He has that Bubble Man feel. Sure he’s a boss but couldn’t they have done better? My answer is yes.

Now while playing, I couldn’t help but to notice how off the level design felt in some stages. Chun Li’s stage was short and terrible. The only thing that made it difficult in the slightest was the ninjas. However, you could just run passed them and not give it a second though. Then you look at Ryu and Rolento’s stages and felt overwhelmed. Having said that, while her stage sucked, Chun Li herself was a great boss. Challenging and frustrating. All the things a Mega Man fan wants. You will learn to hate her Spinning Bird Kick if you don’t already.

Another cool thing is the bosses have super meters. The more damage you do to them the more the meter rises. They almost rise too fast. Expect a super attack at least 3 times per fight. That’s okay though as they are usually used randomly and are easy to avoid. Most the time they don’t do the special attacks anywhere near you. It is still a neat addition that makes you rethink your strategy.

Normally I would go into the graphics at this point but I don’t really think I need to. You know what you are getting with a Mega Man title. They are pretty much the same palettes and the same animations. They did really well with turning these iconic Street Fighter characters into 8-bit masterpieces. Well, except for Urien. He just felt lazy but there isn’t much you could do with him as it is. I do with they did a little more with the backgrounds. There are a lot of familiar color schemes throughout the game but nothing too off putting.



Gameplay is pretty straight forward. Jump, shoot, slide, and weapon swap. You can use a controller if you would like. The only problem with that is you are limited to analog controls though. It makes for some unfortunate mistakes when you mean to jump over a gap and slide to your death. I’m sure you can controller mod a bit to fix that but it is a shame is isn’t available right out the gate. The real treat is when you get to use the enemies weapons. Chun Li’s Lightning Kick is fun to use. Blanka’s  attack is kind of iffy but it’s usable. For an added treat, a familiar friend will come out and show you how to use your newly learned abilities.

Final Thought:

So, when it comes down to it. With a bit of a hit and miss, Street Fighter x Mega Man is a fun little game. I wouldn’t go on to say it out does any of the previous titles but it still does the job. Some level and boss designs are questionable but in the end you can over look those things. I would have done different with the choices for the bosses as it stands but that is just a personal gripe. Nothing against the game. Everyone should download and play it. It’s a nice addition to own to your franchise. The price tag is attractive as well. Not a single penny. The one big thing I would change, it won’t be available on consoles. At least as of this article. It’s too bad that it isn’t. There is a broader audience out there who would love to play this on a nice big tv.

Get it, play it, and enjoy. I know I did.

Download Street Fighter x Mega Man at:


All the 8-bit goodness.
Satisfying boss battles
Most of the weapon rewards are good


Controller only in analog
Would have liked to see the original world warriors
Forgettable level designs.

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