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Published on February 17th, 2012 | by Chris Powell


Another car combat game coming to PSN

So what that Twisted Metal just recently released on the PlayStation 3, there’s room for more vehicluar violence, right? Well, at least that’s what developer Gelid Games is hoping as they’re nearing the release of Wheels of Destruction, a post-apocalyptic online car combat game on the PlayStation Network.

For starters, Gelid Games is hoping to differentiate Wheels of Destruction from other car combat games by using a “dynamic control scheme.” Lead Designer Kerim Borchaev wrote on the PlayStation Blog, “The game plays blazingly fast and allows players to shoot accurately using a unique control scheme built around controlling the vehicle with a single analog stick. The resulting dynamical combat is something we haven’t seen on PS3 before.”

Aside from that, the developer is using the Unreal Engine, which allowed them to “create a world with quite lofty physics … literally,” he wrote. “Having cars soar above enemies effortlessly allowed the game to not be constricted to the established laws of car combat. With the physics we’ve created, players can feel the thrill of driving while having the tactical flavorings that high-flying jumps allow.”

The game will also feature different car classes, which Borchaev revealed that there will be a speed class, tank class and more fighting it out through five different stages. There’s not an official release date for the game, but Borchaev wrote that it’ll be coming soon.

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